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i have tried it with ultra balls, timer balls, net balls, nest balls, heal balls, repeat balls, & dusk balls but i cant catch him?

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Suicune is hard to catch just bring a lot of Ultra Balls and use a status move (Thunder Wave, Sleep Powder, etc) on it.

  • Status makes Suicune easier to catch
  • Use a Quick Ball on the first turn
  • Bring lots of Revives and Potions so you can heal you Pokemon
  • Wait until nighttime so you can use Dusk Balls
  • The master Ball is always an option

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i have caugt lugia with the masterbal
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You just have to keep trying. Legendaries aren't easy to catch. One way to prevent Suicune from running away is by getting a Crobat to use Mean Look on it, so it can't escape. And the same Crobat can put it to sleep by using Hypnosis, making it easier to catch. Another way you can prevent it from running away is by having a Pokemon with Arena Trap/Shadow Tag in your Team(Aka Dugtrio and Wobbuffet).