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So after some browsing I saw this picture on the internet (I can't find it anymore) of pokemon black 2 and white 2. It showed the man in the pokemart selling an item called the wonder dinner for $94 000 poke dollars. The description for the item said 'a full course cuisine meal for a pokemon. It raises its base level by 8.'

HOLY COW! you can buy an item at the pokemart that raises your pokemon by 8 levels!

The only problem is that it doesnt mention this item on bulbapedia and serrebbi and on other pokemon sites (probably because of the early release of the game). From what I saw, it looked 100% real, trust me, it would take a heck of an editor to fake that. But I need to make sure. No site has mentioned this. Is there actually an item called wonder dinner and is this its true effect?


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Yes, in Join Avenue, you can buy an Item call the "Mysterious Dinner" that raises your levels of Pokemon by 8. There are many fantastic items there:


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