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The only strategy I can think of would be to buy time when you have very little hp and your opponent has a lot. You gain hp. Any other strategies?

Also, what happens with pain split when the hp of both sides is completely full? Will the move just fail?


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You can use it for sub healing. First set up a sub then use pain split. You now probably have enough to set up more subs if the first one falls.

To answer you second question:
>Pain Split adds the current HP of the user and target Pokémon. It then divides this value by two and sets the HP of both Pokémon to the result. If the new value is higher than the maximum HP of either Pokémon, that Pokémon will have its HP set to that maximum.

>Pain split averages the Pokemon's HP. So yes it would end up with equal HP. This is why Pain-split is good on Pokemon with High Defenses and low HP.


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High defenses and low HP... hmm... reminds me of a Pokémon starting with 'Probo' and ending in 'Pass'.
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I have a really good one: Get a lv.2 Probopass with Pain split (BP move). Have it have Ablity Strudy, after the foe attacks, it will most likely have 1 HP, use pain split to fully heal yourself and slightly damage the foe, a combo with this is to toxic the foe and use a 'slow' volt switch or u-turn, then repeat the above steps, this slowly and effectively and painfully and misrably and epicly and... wait, i don't think 'epicly' is even a word, anyways, so it kills the foe slowly and effectively and... well, you get the idea. Another trick is to keep doing this until the opponent is weak enough, then switch in to a lucario or something and extreemspeed that Pokémon.

I like it but the foe can easily find ways around this method. still you get an ^.