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If two gardevoirs where battling each other and both of them had the abilitie syncronize if one of them use and attack that causes a status problem would the status problem keep getting passed back and fourth because of there abilitie syncronize which passes status problems to the opponent.

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I believe you are thinking of Magic-Bounce. Synchronize does not bounce back the status but takes it then gives it to the opponent as well. Example:

![][1] vs. ![][2]

Turn 1: Gardevoir(1) uses Thunder-wave! Gardevoir(2) is Paralyzed! It may be unable to move!
Gardevoir's Synchronize activates! Gardevoir(1) is Paralyzed! It may be unable to move!

Now both are Paralyzed.

For the Magic-bounce scenario: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/51567/magic-bounce-vs-magic-bounce

I hope I helped :D
[1]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/282.gif
[2]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/282.gif

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