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No Dream World abilities either. I want to know what Abilities have the best chance to help me through out Black and White. AND if you would be super nice, can I get a list of all the Pokemon from Black and White with their best abilities.

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Just to answer the second part of your question: here is a list of what abilities the Pokemon in Black/White have


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There is no 'best ability' in Pokemon. Each ability is more suited to a certain Pokemon than another, and even though one Pokemon may have a 'better' ability it may be completely and utterly useless on that Pokemon.
The Weather-inducing abilities are perhaps the most used, being Snow Warning, Drought, Sand Stream and Drizzle in competitive. Wonder Guard would be great... but it's not great on a 1HP Pokemon aka Shedinja >:C
Swift Swim, Chlorophyll and Sand Rush (Kingdra, Venusaur, Excadrill etc. etc.) are gret to be abused in their respective weathers and Volt/Water Absorb have their own perks while Unaware has an effective niche on Quagsire to stop setup Pokemon and evne Mold Breaker and it's variations are helpful in certain cases
You can check that for a further list of abilities and short descriptions

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Pickup, Synchronize, Flame Body, Compoundeyes, and Mold Breaker are imo the best ingame abilities. Well, maybe not Mold Breaker overall, but it becomes incredibly useful when you deal with those damn Boldore, as it allows you to bypass Sturdy.

Pickup gives you a 10% chance of picking up an item after battle. I carry around an army of Lillipup until I grab a Pokemon that will be part of my final team. This gives me all the healing items I need, as well as a few Rare Candy if I train them to level 11. This allows you to save your money for some nice stuff (or even make money if you get a Nugget). It also helps out with catching Pokemon early on, as you have a decent chance of getting a Great Ball.

Synchronize makes it so that wild Pokemon you encounter have a 50% chance of being the same nature as the Pokemon with Synchronize. Just grab some Munna with the good natures, and then you can get great natures for all your team.

Flame Body (and Magma Armor, but nobody you can catch early in BW gets it) halves the amount of time it takes to hatch eggs. I think this might be the favorite ingame ability for most people.

Compoundeyes, in addition to being amazing on Galvantula, also increases the chance of Wild Pokemon holding an item by 50%. So no more taking forever to get that Nugget or what not.

These are the abilities I find most useful in Black and White, and for all but Mold Breaker, in all games.

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