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I'm going to argue for Big Pecks

Big Pecks:The main thing Mandibuzz has going for it is its defences, as it has poor offensive stats. It has impressive base stats of 110 hp, 105 defense, and 95 special defense. In additional, stat lowering moves are somewhat common in-game, so its nice that Mandibuzz's great defense can not be lowered.

Overcoat:Overcoat is also a decent ability, and actually has some uses, but damaging weather is rather uncommon in-game, as few trainers use it in battle, and it will typically only be seen in specific locations, such as the Desert Resort or Iccurius City. However, if your Mandibuzz has Overcoat, don't feel like you have to get rid of it. Its still decent.

Weak Armor: Remember how I said Mandibuzz should be used as a defensively oriented Pokemon? While weak armor lowers defense and boosts speed with every physical hit. Ouch. Mandibuzz not only relies on its defense for success, but it does not really have use for a speed boost.

So, basically, Big Pecks is in my opinion the best ability for Mandibuzz, but overcoat may also be used if you desire. Hope this helps

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I am as slow as an iron balled -6 quashed paralyzed shuckle using Magic Room
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Big Pecks; The wielder's Defense cannot be lowered
Overcoat; Grants immunity to damage from weather effects
Weak Armor; Boosts Speed by 1 stage and lowers Defense by 1 stage when hit by a physical move.

Weak Armor is a drema ability so we can chuck that out the window
Big Pecks;
Big Pecks stops any form of lowering defense, and is the suggested ability in competitive (on smogon at least). Due to Mandibuzz's status as a wall (110/105/95 defenses), it works well in letting Mandibuzz take Physical hits since they can't soften it up anymore.
The only actual use of Overcoat is in Sandstorm and/or Hail which are the damaging weathers. Generally the damage from them can be offset with Leftovers/Roost, and also Weather isn't too common ingame so this ability has it's uses but not alot. If you plan on running Mandibuzz in a Sand/Hail team ingame, then yes go for this.

Anyway conclusion;
I'd say Big Pecks > Overcoat. Due to the prevelance of random moves like Leer ingame, and also secondary effects of moves like Rock Smash and Razor Shell which can reduce defense by 1 stage, this means Big Pecks overall has more use rather than Overcoat. Neither are particularly good, but you will find more use in Big Pecks and its nice when the opponent uses a defense lowering move and it doesn't affect you =)

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I'm playing black 2... So DW ability is possible..
But can u explain why it's the best ability?
Then I can BA this...
obviously it's a matter of opinion but I'll try. I might even change my answer ;o lol
Thnx guyz!!