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What Pokemon has a better move pool and stats? If you want to can you put some good move sets beside each Pokemon.

They're in diferent tiers and Do different Jobs
exactly, its kinda hard to compare them
ehy guys, I'm answering this :P

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Finally! A comparison!! Let's kick it off!!!

(btw I'm going to do a mix of competitive use and ingame, basically as many aspects as possible so yeah)

Well, lets look at stats first.

(I can't seem to get the screen shot of teh stats, so I'll just type what I was going to say and put the screen shots in later)


As we can see, Agrron has an impressive 530. Nothing to be ashamed off, of course.
The highest stat it holds is it's very good 180 Defense stat, which allows it to take some beatings in times of need. Also, a quite impressive 150 attack also follows up on it. So it can easily deal out some beatings too. The stat spread screams Physical tank and slaps you in the face with it. if you can make it last, then the opponents won't last. It's also possible to give out a good defensive EV spread, for support moves such as Stealth Rock and Roar . Dragon tail. (I'll go into moves and move sets in further detail later on.)

However, while all the physical side is good, teh special is not. Even weaker neutral moves or high powered resistnt moves are going to do heavy hurting on the special front. And while in-game it could be possible to just about get away with a mixed set, competitively there is no way. The speed isn't flattering for Aggron either, which can only be patched with a scarf and then is still going to be out-ran quite a lot.


Donphan's BST is a bit lower than Aggrons, sitting at 500 exactly. Although this is still not exactly a low amount, it does seem to come out losing. Also like Aggron, it's highest Stas are attack and defence. While it's Hp is sitting higher at 90, it's attack and defnece are noticbly lower to Aggrons (120 for both). It can still take a beating at least physically, and give one out too. But despite this, it's lower attack and defence and still being slower than Erick Pickles in a fun run means it has pretty much lost against aggron. For stats at least..


Aggrons: Steel / Rock

Now, steel rock has 9 resistances and 1 immunity. This makes it a very good defensive typing, in theory at least. it does only have 3 weaknesses. But however, 2 of them are quite bad. 4x weakness to fight and 4x to ground. Both of which are very common attacking types. This means really you have to scout your opponents team quite a lot for powerful moves that can easily take Aggron out. That might be difficult in situations. But if you do, it can be very useful for walling out Opponents. Not to mention a rare resist to Dragons, which Donphan can't boast.

Offensive wise, all is not well. Steel typing as very little use with just 2 types being weak to it. Rock is a bit better, being able to eliminate Bug and Fire aswell. These are just about enough to cover a decent few types for teams. But other than that, little use.


Pure Ground type is decently uncommon. The only other one to sport it in OU is Dugtrio. Now, Ground has just 2 resistances and one immunity. However, electric is a common offensive type, and often in OU, is the main reason to use a ground type at all. Donphan is also the bane of Tyranitar missing out on Ice beam, being able to wall it's stone Edge and killing it off with EQ.

Ground is a very offensive type. STAB EQ is very powerful coming off 120 attack. Mix that with Stome Edge for perfect coverage and away you go! Steel, Rock, Fire and electric, all decently common types, are weak to the powerful EQ. This elimantes a lot of threats going around.

Sets and Moves.


Aggron dos have quite a good move pool. In-game, it get's good STAB via level up in the form of Iron Head. Superpower, Stealth Rock and head Smash are very good moves to get via breeding so that may be a good choice. Stone Edge is a powerless STAB for TMs, and coverage isn't rare. However, almost all the relevant coverage and moves are special or force Agg to have 4 move slot syndrome. So either you can't get the moves you want or can't find any good moves for your set. EQ is good, but Donphans uses it better thanks to STAB and typing. The elemental punches are possible, but don't give it a lot unless you are targeting something specifically. A popular set is Subpunch, but that can leave it open with many holes.


Donphan also supports a quite wide range of moves. However, not only does it sport up SR, but rapid spin as well. This makes it better at utilizing the defense is does have. It also thanks too Gen 5, learns seed bomb. This makes it trickier for Water types to come in and ruin Don's fun. As mentioned earlier, a powerful EdgeQuake combo is very effective for taking out threats on the switch or for dealing heave damage to walls. Not only that, but it manages to learn Ice shard. That I a good priority move, which also allows it to take out Grass and Dragon types quickly or fur just generally taking out weakened Pokemon. Donphans got better Sets :P

I want to add more but i'm close to the limit, so I'll add in sets via comment. enjoy!

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110 attack on Aggron. :P
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Also add in a TL;DR.
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Stat wise Aggron is better but strategy wise Donphan outclasses it. Though their stat division is pretty much the sane as Aggron has a nice base attack of 110 whiles Donphan has a base attack of 120. Defensively Aggron has a base defence of 180 which is pretty monstrous whiles Donphan has a base defence of 120. They both have an equally low spDef and are both equally slow. Stat wise Aggron is superior but Aggron's drawback is it's horrible typing in Rock/Steel which leaves it incredible weak to the most threatening types in Pokemon and make his defence completely useless as Earthquake hits hard and since Rock Head is the better nature for it which you would to have since it takes advantage of it's high attack+STAB Rock head is the answer. For this reasons it rules in a lower tier then Donphan

If you were to still use it I would recommend it as a full out attacker. This set would probably be the most useful:

Aggron @ Choice Band
Trait: Rock Head
Adamant Nature
EV spread: 116 HP / 252 Atk / 140 Spd
- Earthquake
- Heavy Slam
- Head Smash
- Fire Punch

You will be able to do some serioys damage as long as you stay alive. With the support of a good team, Aggron can be a very good Pokemon to use

However, I would say Donphan is better due to the presence it has in a great ability, Sturdy. This enables him to set up at least Stealth rocks, however you must take note of Shell Smash Cloyster. Sturdy is what makes Donphan so loveable since it is one of the few Pokemon that can utilize this ability well, though there are many others. Donphan is more of a supporter more then a sweeper like Aggron and it therefore has the perfect ability and moves for it

Donphan @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
Impish Nature
EV spread: 252 Atk / 252 Def/ 4 Spd
- Stealth Rocks
- Rapid Spin
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard

With acces to Rapid Spin it can remove the entry hazards that seem to form a major issue for your team if you were to use it, whiles it can set up it's own entry hazard

- If you were to want a Strong Physical attacker, I recommend Aggron over Donphan but it would only really woek very very effective when taking advantage of Trick Room, though it can perform ok without it

  • My main recommendation would be Donphan because of it's usefulness. Not to forget that it can actually do a good load of damage with it's High Attack, easily walling any Physical Attacking Version of Salamence, Garchomp and co
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It is quite hard to compare but in terms of type advantage, donphan has the upperhand.
Donphan: Seed Bomb Earthquake Body Slam Fire Fang
Aggron:Earthquake Stone Edge/Aerial Ace Double Edge/Thunder Punch Iron Head(Strong STAB)