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My team is
Salamence (will be adding in future)
Linoon(currently in team)
Swellow (I will be switching swellow with salamence)

I want the last member for my team
Glalie or Aggron
Which one should I use.

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Apparently, you need neither. Your team of 5 + HM Slave is enough to sweep literally all gyms and E4. Plus you need to grind your Salamence after you catch it.

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I Think You Should Choose Aggron It Has Steel/Rock Typing. Steel Being Super Effective Against New Added Type Fairy And Rock Helpful As Well. Here Is A Moveset For It.

Aggron @ Aggronite
Ability: Sturdy
- Heavy Slam - [Damage Depends On User Weight. Aggron's Weight=360.0 kg (793.7 lbs)] /Iron Tail - [Really Inaccurate]
- Rock Slide - [STAB] /Stone Edge - [Powerful But Inaccurate]
- Earthquake - [Ground Type Coverage And Also A Solid Move On A Solid Pokemon]
- Iron Defense - [Makes It Tanks Even Hit Better] / Autotomize - [Good For A Slow Pokemon=Raises the user's Speed by 2; user loses 100 kg]
Aggron Is A Really Great Pokemon It's Steel Typing Resist Ton Of Things And It Also Have A Mega Evolution.
Instead Of Using Glaile I Recommend You Using Froslass It Has The Ghost Typing Which Your Team Needs I Recommend You Dumping Linnone In The Box After You've Reached The Pokemon League Because You Mostly Use It For HM's. Froslass Is Helpful Against Phoebe And Drake And Also It's Ghost Typing Makes It Immune To Fighting On Of Glaile's Weakness. Ok Here's A Moveset For It.

Froslass (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
IVs: 0 Atk
- Shadow Ball - [STAB]
- Ice Beam - [STAB]
- Psychic - [Psychic Type Coverage]
- Confuse Ray - [A Solid Confusing Move Which Is 100 Percent Accurate] / Double Team - [Filler]
Froslass Is Better Than Glaile A Lot Just Grab A Snorunt Give It A Dawn Stone And There You Have A Froslass But For Glaile It Evolves At Level 42 Till Then You Have To Stuck With A Really Weak Snorunt. But Still Here's A Glaile Moveset.

Glalie-Mega @ Glalitite
Ability: Refrigerate
- Ice Beam
- Crunch
- [Filler]
- [Filler]
Even Though Glaile Having A Lot Drawbacks Mega Glailie Is Way Powerful Than Froslass But Still The Choice Is Your's I Just Showed You What Can You Have On Your Team.
I Hope You Liked It.

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Umm... when the asker has Sharpedo, why does he / she need a ghost type?
Its because of the fairy typing i think, if this pre gen 6 then using dark and ghost wloud be useless
Yes Thanks Chesta Adabi 481 Before Gen 6 Dark Was Really Great Or Atleast Better Than Ghost But After Gen 6 A Ghost Type Pokemon Is Better Than A Dark Type Thanks To Fairy.
im not saying that ghost is better against dark, but dark is better at offensively while ghost is better at defensively
Yeah I Just Meant That Dark Is Offensive Than Ghost But Not Good Defensively And Ghost Is With Two Immunities And
Two Resistences Making It Better Defensively.
I am using sharpedo in omega ruby.
And thank you for your reply.
Do You Mean That You Won't Be Using Froslass Ok I Understand But I Recommend You This For The Elite Four -