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I had a traded Glalie with a Mega Stone on my Alpha Sapphire game, but it got corrupted, so I'm trying to find the Glalitite for my Omega Ruby, but I can't find it anywhere. And I'm not sure if its only on event Glalie. I need to know the location of Glalitite.

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It's not an Event item.  Have you done the Delta Episode yet?  A lot of the new Mega Stones are not available until after you blow up the meteor with Mega Rayquaza.

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The Glalitite is in Shoal Cave at low tide. Go to the icy area, go through the maze, and you'll get it. Hope this helped!

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Thank you! I found the Mega Stone and now have Mega Glalie on Omega Ruby.
No problem, man!
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>Shoal Cave: Ice room, on the elevated floor


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