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i was wondering about umbreon and if it holds the toxic orb will it pass the poison over towards all the foes it battles after the first round because of its ability sychronise.

  And also could you give me a moveset for BLACK not 2 that works with the toxic orb.

thank you also i have not defeated the elite 4 yet so certain tm's i can not have.

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No, it's ablity only passes on the effect of status to the pokémon who inflected it. Scince it effected by an item, it won't be passed on.

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thank you that was 16 bp wasted is there any other way it could be effectivly used
You could give it to something with the ability guts, like Ursaring (combine with facade), give it to a Toxic Boost Zangoose, put it on something like Gliscor and combine it with Toxic heal. You could also fling it at another pokemon if you wanted. There are quite a few nice uses for Toxic Orb.