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This is pretty self explanatory. I'm doing another RU team of my own sets, that will be on the RMT soon. They probably won't be that good, but i'm learing hey?
Whittled it down to 2 grass types. It was them or Whimsicott.

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Those two are pretty different Pokemon. Despite being both Grass types.

Pros: Great Speed, Good move pool, high S.Attack, Decent Attack, and Good Abilities.
Cons: Low Defenses, slightly limited special move pool, many weaknesses.

Best Role: Sweeper
Best Ability: Unburden
Good Physical moves: Acrobatics(Flying-gem+Unburden), Leaf-blade, Bullet-seed. Swords-dance, Earthquake, Rock-slide, Drain-punch, Thunder-punch, Crunch, X-Scissor.
Good Special moves: Leaf-storm, Giga-drain, Energy-ball, Focus-blast, Hidden-power, Dragon-pulse.

Pros: High HP, High Attack, Great Defense, Great S.Attack, Good abilities, and a fitting move pool.
Cons: Very low S.Defense and Speed, Many weaknesses, and a limited move pool.

Best Role: Tank
Best Ability: Regenerator(Other abilities require sun support)
Good Physical moves: Power-whip, Seed-bomb, Earthquake, Brick-break, Rock-slide, Swords-dance, Growth.
Good Special moves: Focus-blast, Giga-drain, Sludge-bomb, Hidden-power, Growth.
Good Status moves: Synthesis, Leech-seed, Amnesia, Substitute, Stun-spore, Sleep-spore, Toxic.

Choose Sceptile if you need a sweeper, Choose Tangrowth if you need a tank.

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