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The moves are:
Dragon Breath
Rock Slide
Earth Power


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I suggest replacing a few things on your Flygon

  • Replace Dig with Dragon Tail. Dig can easily be predicted, and the opponent would switch into a flying type
  • Replace Earth Power with Earthquake. Flygon has better attack, so Earthquake will do more.
  • Replace Dragon Breath with Dragon Claw. Supports his attack, and more power.
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Where would I find Dragon Claw and Earthquake in BW2?
Flygon learns Earthquake via TM26, and he learns Dragon Claw at level 55. I'm not sure where it's found though. When I do I'll inform you.
Feel free to ask where it is on the site.
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I suggest Dig, as you're giving the opponnent a free switch.

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I'd go with either Dragon Breath or Dig...