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I like dragon types becuase they tend to have high stats so I want to know which is the better non-legendary dragon: dragonite, flygon, salamence, or garchomp

ps. I can probably teach them every egg move

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Garchomp!! He is super Fast with Huge attack!! He would rock with an attack or speed nature and stone edge, Dragon claw or Dragon Rush, Crunch and Earthquake!!

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salamence a good dragon pokemon. have to level him up to 40 to get the good moves though.  :)
i agree with swampert!
There's no out speeding Garchomp
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Flygon is definetly a no because his stats don't quite compete with the other 3. I would have to say Dragonite because he has a bigger variety of moves he can learn. When i say variety, I mean types of moves (Electric, Fire, Water, etc.). Thus, giving it a greater edge on versatility. Plus he's my favorite! Gotta have the originals.