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I want a strong pure electric type I want to know which one Ampharos, Riachu, Electivire, or Luxray

not by preferance but by moveset

note. I have a riachu that knows surf but I can teach any egg move


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i think it's raichu because it can learn thunder volt and volt tackle a powerful electric-type attack, while the others can learn thunder, strong but has a low accuracy

this is only what i think

well hope i helped

it is thunder bolt
oops sorry. . .
Raichu Can't Learn Volt Tackle.
It actually can, if you have a Light Orb. Then you just raise the baby Pichu with Volt Tackle.
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It would probably be Electivire. It's ability Motor Drive keeps Electric-type attacks from affecting it, and electric attacks will raise its speed. So it would be another good Pokemon when battling other electric-types.

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Ampharos can learn power gem and signal beam which are rock and bug respectively via level up.

he learns signal beam first