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Whenever I check out tournaments, I see Dark Void is banned. I realize it's only move bearer is banned,but what if it wasn't? So what if it puts both opponents to sleep.

believe me i know why darkrai is my favourite pokemon .it is so powerful .my darkrai has 402 sp.atk and 346 spd.his moves are :dark void,nightmare,dream eater and calm mind .moreover i gave it mind plate .so, i put the opponent pokemon to sleep with dark void then i use nightmare and then i use dream eater to restore myself and do damage.furthermore darkrai uses its ability bad dreams to do more damage.with this strategy i beat my foes!

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Dark Void is banned because of its accuracy and because it hits multiple Pokemon. Hypnosis has shaky accuracy while Dark Void does not. It also hits all Pokemon in double battles and triples.

Coupled with Nightmare, it makes Darkrai really over-powered.

Might I Add it makes darkrai even awesome.

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You have a better answer. :)
One could argue that spore should be banned too.
Yeah Bcuz of perfect acc.
But it doesn't have the ability of hitting multiple Pokemon :3

The only worthy Spore Pokemon (Imo) though is a Breloom. :)
Amoonguss utilizes Spore very well.
I can tell you in two words why spore is not banned: Sleep Clause
Amoonguss is common in OU.
Thank you. I always wondered why it was banned. Even my most reliable sources could not help me on this one.
I think another reason is because only one Pokemon can use it which is banned anyway.