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They both have the same BP, and magma storm traps the enemy for 4-5 turns (assuming the enemy lives) and damages them throughout that time, but it also has 10 less accuracy then Fire Blast, which has a small chance to burn.

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Fire Blast. By the time it takes for magma storm to kill, Heatran will already be dead. I recommend you use magma storm and switch to someone else with an advantage.

Magma storm
Earth power

Three moves. Thats what I use when I use Heatran with magma storm. First magma storm then earth power. Kills weather inducers. Don't use magma storm on scarftran.

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As I stated I'm using Choice Scarf Heatran, not Weather Killer Heatran.
I know. I'm saying the only time I would use magma storm is weather killer.
Taunt on a Scarftran??
That moveset is weather killer. It shows that magma storm is for weather killers.