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Just wondering, cuz Showdown has both.

I guess challenge cup has certain regulations (Of levels and stuff)while random battle can be with any pokemon (except for legends and few others of course)

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Challenge Cup is when you have completely random Pokemon, random moves, random items, random EVs / IVs / Natures and random levels. Random battle is when you have random Pokemon but have competitively acceptable moves.

Challenge Cup moveset for Croconaw: Water Gun, Scratch, Hydro Pump, Leer with Chople Berry.

Random Battle moveset for Croconaw: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Crunch with Life Orb and Sheer Force.

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Challenge cup gives sets that are HORRIBLE and the pokemon are most likely ev trained bad. The abilities are randomized as are the items for example:
Blazekien lv 70 @ Steel Gem
Trait: Blaze
Evs: Unown probably 252 SpA 4 Speed 252 Hp
Quiet Nature
~ Protect
~ Swagger
~ Baton Pass
~ Dig

Ranbats give WAY more viable sets that actually make sense. They aren't perfect, but better than CC. For example:
Blazekien lv 70 @ Black Belt
Trait: Speed Boost
Evs: Probably 4 Hp 252 Atk 252 Spe
~ Protect
~ Substitute
~ Baton pass
~ Sky Uppercut

stuff like that. If you'd play both, your experience would probably explain better than me xD

Me plays both :P
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