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If a tyranitar with 252 attack Evs used earthquake after one dragon dance, would it ohko a Scizor with no defensive Evs.

Any HP Evs on Scizor??
No no Evs.

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Guarenteed 2HKO.
59.1% - 69.8%

With Adamant: 64.8% - 76.9% Still a 2HKO

With Adamant and Life Orb: 84.7% - 99.6% chance for OHKO with Stealth Rock. For sure OHKO with three layers of Spikes.

With Adamant and Earth Gem: 97.5% - 115.3% Very good chance to OHKO, for sure OHKO with Rocks.

The lesson here is how important entry hazards are to netting KOs.