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I went to the underwater ruins in undella bay.You know, the place that you go with dive from those black holes.Anyway,i know that you need certain HM to continue in there.So I went there with the pokemon that know those HM.I cheked the pink block but nothing happened.Shouldn't something had happened ?

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There is a full explanation on our map page here. In short:

  • On level 1 go directly to the central pink block and press A (no HM needed).
  • On level 2 go to the pink block in the top left and use Flash - go into the Pokemon menu, tap the one with Flash and select it from there.
  • On level 3 go to the pink block on the right and use Strength - select from the menu again.
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thanks for answering,but i am afraid that i can't pass level 1.I saw the map, i went to the pink block, I pressed A but nothing happened. I don't know why though.Thanks again,Pokemaster.
You have to take the most direct route there and do not backtrack. Best way IMO is to enter on the left side, then go roughly Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up.
thanks pokemaster :D
But where do you find the maniac?