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Heres the story:My friend was Descovering Twist mountain. he Told me that there is a vortex that you can go into. is there really a vortex/warp? and if so can i go in it?

pokemon B/W

Cool story :]

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There is no warp or vortex in twist mountain in the game.But if you are talking about the anime there was a warp in twist mountain.It is called he time gate.In BW episode 75 and 76,Ash and his friends meet a worker who tells them that he had seen a time gate and went back to the ancient world.The worker befriebded a tirtouga in that world and when he left the time gate was closed.In ep76 team steals a tirtouga fossil from the gang and they will use its energy to make the time gate reappear again.It was successful but tirtouga called it friends from its world for help and evolved into carracosta.It escaped from team rocket and the gate was slowly closing and it went back to the ancient world and the gate was closed forever.

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