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  • Give it to a Pokemon with Psycho Shift to keep transfering status ailments to foes.

  • Help activate Guts (50% boost in Attack)

  • Toxic Orb with Toxic Boost (50% boost in Attack) and Poison Heal (Heals 12.5% health at the end of each turn).

  • Fling (30 Dark-Type damage) Flame Orb burns and Toxic Orb badly poisoned when flung.)

  • Give it to a Pokemon with Magic Guard, let them get the status, then trick it away. You are now immune to other status and the one you have.

  • Help activate Marvel Scale (50% boost in Defense).

  • Help activate Quick Feet (50% boost in Speed).

  • Help activate Flare Boost (50% boost in Special Attack).

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You can use Fling to do a lot of damage.