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Why is there a toxic Orb/flame Orb?


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There are many abilities that make a Pokemon more powerful if burned or poisoned. These include:
Poison heal
Toxic boost
Flare boost
Quick feet
Marvel Scale
In addition, some people use these to boost the power of facade, and attack whose power goes up to 140 if the user is burned or poisoned, and is often used in combination with one of the abilities above. Some Pokemon have an ability called magic guard, which allows them to be burned or poisoned, but not damaged by it. Since an orb can be used unlimited times, people make these Pokemon (namely Sigilyph) use a move called psycho shift to transfer this effect to opponents. Any Pokemon capable of executing a strategy mentioned above can also function as a status absorber. Since a Pokemon can only be affected by one major status condition at a time, a burned or poisoned Pokemon can counter strategies that involve paralysis or sleep.

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Because some Pokemon appreciate the Burn and Poison status conditions. It sounds foreign, but some of these strategies are actually very effective.

Probably the most common strategy for the Toxic and Flame Orbs is to pair them with Pokemon that get a boost from having a status condition, for example Guts users or Zangoose with Toxic Boost. These items make their moves extremely powerful, though they still take damage from the status conditions inflicted by their items. The items could also be very useful for bringing Facade to its full power.

Some other examples include Gliscor and Breloom, who can get 12% HP every turn from being Poisoned thanks to their Poison Heal ability. Some Pokemon that aren't affected by burns or poison could also find the item useful. An example could be Sigilyph. Its Magic Guard ability stop it from taking damage from status effects, but it can use Psycho Shift to transfer its burn or poison to the opponent reliably and with no risk of missing. A Pokemon with the burned or poisoned status could also double as a status absorber to switch to if you predict a Thunder Wave or other status move coming your way.

There are probably plenty of other more obscure strategies for the Flame and Toxic Orbs, but these are the main ones.

I can't believe I forgot about status absorbers. thanks.