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Kyogre-Embedded Tower (after getting the National Dex, recieving the Kanto starters, and getting the Blue Orb from Mr. Pokemon)
Rayquaza-Embedded Tower (need to have both Groudon and Kyogre)
Ho-oh-Bell Tower (after getting the Rainbow Wing and beatin the Kimono Girls)
Lugia-Whirl Island (after geting the Silver Wing in Pewter City)
Entei-All around Johto (roaming Pokemon)
Raikou-All around Johto (roaming Pokemon)
Suicune-Route 25 or Burned Tower (if you fail to get it on Route 25)
Mewtwo-Cerelean Cave/Unown Dungeon (goes by either name only one Mewtwo)
Articuno-Seafoa Islands (after getting all 16 badges)
Zapdos-In front of Power Plant (after getting all 16 badges)
Moltres-Mt. Silver (after getting all 16 badges)
Dialga-Sinjoh Ruins (need to have event Arceus)
Palkia-Sinjoh Ruins (need to have event Arceus)
Giratina-Sinjoh Ruins (need to have event Arceus)
Latias-All around Kanto (roaming Pokemon)
Latios-Pewter City (with event)

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You have to beat elite four to be able to catch these guys right??
I have added more information as to when you get them.