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I just can't make a decision. I want one that has the most Speed and Power.

Sorry if this was a bit opiniative :3

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Charizard has the highest speed and power out of the three, with 109 spatk and 100 spd. However, Blastoise has the highest defenses out of the 3, with base 100 defense, and base 105 spdef. Venusaur has stats that a are balanced between the other 2.

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Venasaur has balanced stats eh? hmmm.
Between blastoise and charizard, yes.
Thanx! I have chosen Venosaur.
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K Charizard without Solar Power is an easy kill. also, if you switch Charizard into a Stealth Rock (very common EH), it loses 50% of its HP right off the bat. Venosaur. gets HP recovery moves in Synthesis, but in Rain, Sand, and Hail, it pretty much blows. Blastoise is slow, but if you run a good set, i'd say that's the way to go.

Blastoise @ Focus Sash
Impish Nature
252 Def/ 160 SDef/ 32 HP
- Counter
- Aqua Jet
- Rapid Spin
- Toxic

that's what I say.