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Effects I don't care about that you can leave out are allowing Pokemon of a certain level to obey you and the allowing of an HM. Also, please put down the Gym Leader who gives youthat badge, as I don't have the badge names memorized.


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In DPPt the badges do not have additional effects. I don't remember if the HGSS ones increase stats, but here is what they did in the older games:

Boulder Badge (Pewter City) - Attack
Thunder Badge (Vermillion City) - Speed
Soul Badge (Fuschia City) - Defense
Volcano Badge (Cinnabar Island) - Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense

Zephyr Badge (Violet City) - Attack
Plain Badge (Goldenrod City) - Speed
Mineral Badge (Olivine City) - Defense
Glacier Badge (Mahogony Town) - Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense

Stone Badge (Rustboro City) - Attack
Dynamo Badge (Mauville City) - Speed
Balance Badge (Petalburg City) - Defense
Mind Badge (Mossdeep City) - Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense

Apart from this, the level obedience and the HMs, there aren't any other effects that I know of.

Perfect, just what I wanted. Yeah, I didn't notice a stat increase in HG/SS.