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i just evolved my dragonite in soulsilver and should I teach him wing attack??
and should I teach my dragonite outrage when he gets there?
i dont want to take away Dragonite's extremespeed or aqua tail

current moveset:

aqua tail
dragon rush
dragon dance

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as you know outrage is a great deal of power ..if your pokemon has big attack if you want teach this move to your dragonite
FYI I merged your two questions because they were pretty much the same.

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Outrage: Yes, it's a very powerful move, and Dragonite uses it very effectively.

Wing Attack: No, it has low base power and his current set will do just fine, also, don't teach him Hyper Beam either, it is not a good move due to it's having to recharge, and it being special.

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but what should i remove from his moveset?
Dragon rush.
oh ok, thanks
Rember t give it the berry that stops confusion i forgot what it is called though
Lum Berry but that's not the purpose for what people put it on him. They actually put it to protect from Burn.
No Lum berry can heal anything like paralyze,poison....It is another berry
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That's a very subjective question. it looks like your a using a D-Dance Dragonite, so I would go with Dragon Claw since Outrage confuses you and +1 or +2 self attack via confusion HURTS. Also it depends on Dragonites Ability. inner focus should use one of the dances + dragon Claw. otherwise it should be Choiced with Outrage. if it has Multiscale it should forgo the dances for Roost and stick with Claw. this will make it last longer since it can Roost off damage and not be locked into Outrage for 3 turns. I would have to see Nature, Ability, and EV Spread to fully make that call.

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That doesnt make sense at all, Dragonite wouldnt survive an Ice Punch from Weavile, and you are trying to say that outrage is not good because there is a priority move that is super effective to it, anyone with a dash of common sense wouldnt put a Dragonite against a Weavile.
Well then i use scizor with technician and i use bullet punch.
The after you hang on i used bullet punch again
1. Multiscale Dragonite can survive Ice Punch from Weavile
2. Yache Berry Dragonite has a chance.
3. Roost loses flying type and thus Dragonite has only x2 Ice weakness that turn.
4. Never said Outrage wasn't a good move. STAB 120 BP Dragon is amazing, since Dragon is the best neutral coverage in the game. all i am saying is that if you run a Dance Set i prefer to be able to Switch to Earthquake should a Steel type other than Skarmory switch in. and Impish Skarmory with 252 Def EVs and Roost can wall Dragonites Outrage unless its +4 Attack via Swords Dance or +3/+3 from Dragon Dance. and if Skarmory is packing Rocky Helmet it can Roost off damage and you eat 12.5% for 2-3 turns, after which you become confused, and Skarmory is pretty much unscathed. i say if you're going to boost with S or D Dance, lock into an attack that can hurt you in the end. say Gliscor Protects twice, and your +3/+3 Dragonites Outrage ends in turn 2. now you did 0 damage and are confused with 2.5x your normal attack stat that you can be hit with. if you wanna Outrage, use Choice Band, go for the 1.5x Atk with no setup. that's all im saying.
@ Scizornician: Dragonite Can't Switch out once its locked into Outrage. Easy pickins for Weavile.
hold it, my dragonite has inner focus, and it is level 70 now
dragon dance
aqua tail

im not gonna teach him hyper beam though
could u give me a simpler answer?