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I know Drizzle + Swift Swim is banned.


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No, Only Swift Swim + Drizzle on the same team is banned, Sand Stream + Sand Rush/Drought + Chlorophyll on the same team are perfectly legal in OU. Seeing as all of the weather starters are in OU, this does not apply to lower tiers.

•Banned Pokemon - A team cannot have any of the Pokemon found in the following tiers: Ubers.
•Drizzle + Swift Swim - Using both a Pokemon with Drizzle and a Pokemon with Swift Swim on the same team is banned. - Smogon

No where does it say that those cominations are banned.

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My only question is why?

Drizzle Politoed + Swift Swim Kingdra @ Choice Specs i can see as too Abusable.
But what about
Hippowdon/Tyrannitar + Choice Band Excadrill?
although i guess Excadrill competes in Übers too huh?
Well this is good to know! I was planning to use a team revolving around sandstorms, but I wasn't sure if I could run it in OU or if I'd have to use free-for-all or Uber