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The set I am running is this:

Scrafty - Life Orb
EVs: 252 atk, 252 spd, 4 HP
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Shed Skin/Moxie
Dragon Dance
Ice Punch
Drain Punch

Shed Skin would keep status off of him, which would be really helpful, but Moxie is great for revenge killing, and is gives a super nifty attack boost. Bot are great abilities, but which one should I go with?


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Moxie, definitely. Shed Skin works on a Bulk Up set, but you can't rely on it to pull off a DD sweep. Moxie makes you stupidly powerful after one KO, punishing your opponent for using death fodder and letting you break more walls. By the way, I would not run Life Orb or Drain Punch. Hi Jump Kick boasts INSANE power after a boost, and considering the offensive nature of this set, you'll want to cause as much damage as possible before being taken down. Also, Life Orb just eats into Scrafty's above average bulk. Leftovers works, as well as Lum Berry.

Have fun sweeping! Just watch out for dat Crobat :/

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Moxie would be useful if you want to start sweeping with some pretty decent Attack.
I would go with Moxie, since Scrafty doesn't seem like its a very good staller.

Does that look like a stalling set?