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Day care Pokémon 1:
Female Scraggy with Shed Skin, holding a Destiny Knot (because it has full IVs)

Day care Pokémon 2:
Male Scraggy with Intimidate (hidden ability), holding an Everstone (to pass on it's careful nature).

The guy outside says: "They really seem to like hanging out!"

I get eggs from them, but their offspring ALL have Shed Skin! None of them have had Intimidate, or even Moxie (not that I want them to have Moxie anyway.)

So how come I don't get ANY hidden ability ones, and they ALL have Shed Skin?

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Male Pokémon can't pass down hidden abilities unless their bred with a ditto. You're going to have to breed your male scraggy with a ditto until you get a female one with intimidate, then IV breed from the HA female.
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OK. I thought I read somewhere it was only if it bred with a female of the same species.

But that still doesn't explain why they all had Shed Skin and none of them had Moxie.
Because your female has shed skin