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On Pokedex entries, it is said that its pincers intimidates opponents.

A 16 foot tall glowing dinosaur-like creature is also pretty intimidating, but that is better at making it sunny.
Game Freak did lots of things like that. For example, Absol doesn't get forewarn.
Whenever I look at a Scizor's pincers, all I can see are two red Trapinch heads... not very intimidating tbh lol xD
Game Freak make strange decisions which seemingly make no sense.
Are you actually expecting an answer for this? Why don't you go ask the developers instead of some random people on the internet?
What if a user here is secretly the dex-entry maker or designer? Hey, it's a possibility.
@Distorted Palkia I think you meant What If. You just typed What is.

@jarjar I specifically asked if there is a reason for this. I'm not really expecting a definite anwser for this question, but is is also ok to predict and give opinion answers.
Yep. It was a typo. I will edit it.

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If you're just asking if there is a reason or not, then no, there is no obvious reason.

One less obvious reason is because Intimidate was quite a common ability in generation 3. I know Swarm was quite common too, but not much has ever had Technician. And Scizor uses it really well with Bullet punch and Bug bite.

So just ask yourself, would you rather Scizor had Intimidate or Technician? I know which one I would choose.

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I also believe that sometimes the abilities are decided for competitive play. But thanks.
Scizor only had swarm in Generation 3. They could easily have given it two abilities.
Oh well.....