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I found out that each region has a sort of pattern for Pokemon. Is this intentional?]

For example, Unova takes place in an urbanized area. The Pokemon there resemble that, like Pidove being a pigeon in cities, Garbodor being the trash in cities, and Klink being gears running city machines.

I do not know exactly. But I know that Kalos takes place in France, and the Pokémon reflect this: Notably, they are all beautiful, especially Vivillion. As if it was intentional, I really do not know.
Zygarde is real beautiful.
Zygarde is really beautiful.
Is it so beautiful ?
It would have been nice if it was Bug/Dragon, as it is somewhat reminiscent of a centipede/millipede

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This is an interesting point you bring up...
I think that this very plausible. Like you mentioned, Unova is urban-themed, and Kalos is based around aesthetic appeal .

Sinnoh has kind of rugged, and untamed feel to it, and is reflected in it's Pokemon. (lot's of variety of life, the Space-Time continuum, fewer fire types hence it's colder, and wetter climate...

Hoenn feels like a region ravaged by conflict, demonstrated in it's hostile looking, and powerful Pokemon. It's legendaries, and evil teams also reflect this...

Johto has a laid back aura to it, also shown in it's Pokemon, and geography.(It's Pokemon all seem to have some obvious degree of happiness shown, or are seem carefree, save for a few.
It's legendaries are also not in conflict, though rivals, they keep order throughout the land.
It's geography is also very calm, and has many fields and forests

Kanto...... This was the first region, so it's theme may be neutrality. It has a little bit of everything, and is very balanced.

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For Unova, that may be. But for other regions, the Pokemon don't have many similarities to their native region. The places you can find them ( Hoothoot~ Tree) probably were intentional, as for the region though, I doubt it.