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Hello people!

So here Arca with you. This question from !•~Indigo~•! really interested me. I was planning to ask it myself, but courtesy of school + homework, she done it first. (She or He?)

So I saw the patterns of Vivillion: enter image description here

and fell in love with the Elegant Pattern. (The purple one, just in the second line, the last one.)
So if I went on putting that I live in Japan, Miyazaki to ensure my chances of getting the Elegant pattern and then went to change my country to, say, France, would Vivillion be affected ?

I REALLY want an Elegant Vivillion, as the others are just ... "kinda a very little bit inferior to it".

Is this considered as malevolent for the game ? Is this possible, can I do it ? And is it nocive for the game ? I need to know.

Thank you.

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Hehe, thanks for mentioning me. ;)
People think I'm a girl, so yeah, I guess I'm a she. xD
lolwut :D ?
I love the Marine one and the Monsoon. Not too keen on Modern and Elegant though...

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If you change your regional setting before you start the game, you will be able to get that region's Vivillon pattern. However, once your game has started, changing location doesn't work for getting another Vivillon pattern. You have to restart the game to get another pattern.

Currently, I don't know of any negative impact changing your 3DS location has upon your game/ DS, but I imagine it might affect your connectivity to Dream World or Pokebank temporarily later on. Your 3DS will most likely need a day to adjust to any system changes before being able to connect to the internet, as it did in Gen V when you changed time/ date.

Also, if you're worried about this being cheating, it isn't. Considering that you have to restart the entire game just to get a Vivillon pattern and the fact that your 3DS even has a regional setting for you to change, meaning you didn't hack into your 3DS and forcibly change your region, means that it's been designed that way. It might be a loophole, but not cheating.

One (Imgur)
Two (Game FAQs)

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The colour indigo, yes...
and of course...ME! :D
wait...so if I already began my game, I already caught xerneas, and I live in America, and I change my location to, idk, Russia, it won't change my vivi? I mean cuz I ain't restarting my game now.
Like the answer said, all Vivilions found will not change their region colour to the region that is said on the 3DS until the game is restarted.
NO, I mean, by restart, do you mean delete all my progress and begin again from hometown with NOTHING, all my other profile's awesomeness permanently removed? Cuz if so, then screw it, I'm not going to destroy it all for a prettily colored butterfly.
Yes... restart the game = delete all progress. To be honest, you can just trade for the other patterns...