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I saw the post on http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/169757/can-i-change-my-region-to-get-a-different-vivillon asking if it was possible to change the region for vivillon patterns after restarting the game. Is it possible to do the following:

1) back up all Pokemon to pokebank
2) change region settings
3) reset game
4) collect vivillon
5) store in pokebank
6) rinse and repeat

If so, does region changing the 3ds completely bar you from buying from the eshop if you've already synced your Nintendo ID? That's my only concern about region changing. If it requires internet connection to finalize such changes, is it possible to stay offline while changing regional settings to prevent this?


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It would work to different patterned Vivillon, yes, but I'm pretty sure it would prevent you from using Pokebank.

It would affect your Nintendo ID if you've already created one and therefore prevent you from buying anything from the e-shop. There's a warning that appears when you attempt to change your location if you have a Nintendo ID synced to it, and to memory it also says something about already downloaded apps, which means your Pokebank access would be affected.

Ultimately, it's much less hassle just to find someone who has different Vivillon patterns and trade with them instead.

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Alright thanks, that sounds about right