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I'm planning to replay Y and have made preparations for the shift, but I used this profile at Regionals this season and I don't want it to corrupt and have to restart my points collection. Also, because all of my Pokemon are in the bank, will resetting erase that data as well, because it's synced to my current profile?

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I know for a fact your Pokemon that are in Pokebank will be saved. after all, that's what Pokebank is for.
Not sure about Play! Pokemon though.
OK, thank you so much! I'm really relieved to know they're safe!

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Pokemon in your game will ne permanantly deleted when you restart your game, no way to undo that. However those Pokemon that are in the bank will stay, so you don't need to worry there.

Under no circumstance, and I mean none, will restarting corrupt your game, unless you hacked into the game data before. Since the player is different and needs a seperate trainer ID now though, all points and tournament records are lost.

Hope I Helped!

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Ok, I have all pokemon in my bank, so i'm glad they'll be safe. I guess it's ok that my tournament records will be lost since I've only been to one tournament and points don't carry over to the next Championships series, right?
Yeah, so other than probably losing your pokedex count and tournament records, you don't really lose anything ny restarting.