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Tragically my 3ds xl got smashed this morning, and was wondering if I change the SD cards over to another 3ds XL will the information and saved date from there save stuff like poke bank which I just bought a whole years subscription for..... only £5.00 hehe. But besides the point..... please help..

But you could just Log in with your nintendo ID you had when you bought Pokebank

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Yes it should transfer seeing that all of the downloads are on the SD card

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As I commented you should be able to get it back with your SD card and Nintendo ID. If it doesn´t work I will research even more because I would die if my 3DS XL fainted also.

I was looking for someone with experience or a clear enough answer. In you comment you mentioned '' if it doesn't... research''.................. Personaly; I always try give a positive answer with extensive research and/or personal experience.

I don't mean to seem negative, infact just trying to help. It's not my place to mention but as a friendly stranger! hope you the best in future.
With reasearch I meaknt tdoing it myself >.>
Like neon snivys answer was more "proffesional" but Swag is my name