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Say you had a Pikachu with thunderbolt in Gen 5 and then transferred it to Gen 6. Would thunderbolts power go from 95 to 90, or stay at 95?

I'm 99% sure it will change just from pure logic, but I have no source.

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Yes, it will change. Your Pikachu's thunderbolt base power will be decreased down to 90
Moves power are changed in XY, so the Pokemon from previous gens that has a move that has been changed, that move will be changed. The programming of XY was to lower selected moves, such as thunderbolt. Since the game has no data for a 95 base power thunderbolt, it will only have the data for a 90 base power thunderbolt, so Therefore, it will change.

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Source: Experience with Japanese pokebank Pokemon, knowledge

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No, it will decrease to 90.

Simply because when the game sees the move Thunderbolt, it will automatically associate a base power of 90 with it, unlike in previous games where it was associated with a base power of 95. So, unfortunately Thunderbolt's power will decrease. Sorry. :(

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