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Kanto-You can get these in FR/Lg, then trade them to a later game. You can also get one from Oak in HG/SS

johto -You can either get them from HG/SS, make an egg from the starters in colosseum, beat MT battle in XD, or complete the pokedex in emerald.

hoenn-Get these from RSE, or get one from HG/SS

sinnoh-Get these as starters in D/P/Pt

The best way for me would be the pokemon GTS. Starter pokemon are some of the most popular trades there are. If you breed your starter with a ditto, then trade the starters for more, you can get them all pretty quickly.

Thanks! I'll use the GTS!
Lf you are considering starting a new game for any of the starters, do that three times so you can get all three, with different ID's!