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Moveset and stats not personal


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You could just look at http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all and decide for yourself, but here's a summary anyway:

Blastoise: stat total 530, good defenses, attack and special attack about the same

Feraligatr: stat total 530, good attack, good defense and decent special defense

Swampert: stat total 535, good attack and decent defenses

Empoleon: stat total 530, pretty good special attack, good special defense, decent defense

Movesets are roughly equal, although Feraligatr and Empoleon have slightly more moves and variety I think.

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I WOULD SAY SWAMPERT is the best and Feraligatr is worst! He has the 2nd highest attack of all the starters and The highest hp base stat of ALL the Starters. Plus, It only has 1 weakness and 5 types are not very effective! Blastoise has 2 weaknesses and 4 not very effective types and the same with Feraligatr. Empoleon has 12 not very effective type and 3 weaknesses. Here are some movesets for them all. Then, you will realize that SWAMPERT RULES:

Blastoise: Attack: Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, earthquake, Skull Bash, Brick Break, Dig, Avalanche
Special Attack: Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Surf

Feraligatr: Attack: Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Superpower, Crunch, Waterfall, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Shadow Claw
Spacial Attack: Hydro Pump, Surf, Focus Blast, Ice beam, Blizzard, Dragon Pulse

Swampert: Attack: Earthquake, Dig, avalanch, Waterfall, Hammer Arm, Iron Tail, Brick Break, Stone Edge
Special attack: Muddy Water, Surf, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Focus Blast

Empoleon: attack: Earthquake, Ariel Ace, steel Wing, Waterfall, Drill Peck
Special Attack: Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Brine, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, surf

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Ferligater is awesome my heartgold starter
you say that because its your favorite right, but how about them who like feraligatr and empoleon they think they are the best pokemn right?
You forgot Samuwott
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Ultimately it depends on what kind of Trainer you are. Personally, my favorite (overall starter/water starter) is Empoleon. I say this because I love unique Pokemon (and Steel type). Thus, Empolean being the only Water/Steel type I fell in love instantly. But they are all around 530 as far as stats. Plain and simple...

Defense - Blastoise or Empoleon
Attack - Swampert or Feraligatr

but I love Water starters period.

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OK I am going to answer because it's been a year and I have imput

For me it is


This Trick room Titan has saved me many times and has great typing. He is also amazing in Tanking with curse. Great coverage and variety.

2 Ferligatr

With it's new ability Sheer force it tears up everything especially with Dragon Dance, Ice punch, Earthquake, and Waterfall. Also with that bulk he can tank as well as sweep.

3 Blastoise

His new ability paired with rain support, leftovers, and Aqua ring makes for annoying Wall. It too has tank potential with decent offense.

4 Empoleon

A decent tank with many resistances but cursed with a bad movepool and less than desirable S.attack.

5 Samurott

You know when I said Empoleon had a bad movepool yeah well this guy makes Empoleon look diverse. It's stats only allow it to sweep but it has a 70 base speed. Probably the worst water starter period.

honestly empoleon with defiant is better than feraligatr. everyone expects sheer force.
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Welp, it's Gen VII now so I'm going to update.
Blastoise. Of course. Leftovers, Aqua Ring, and Drizzle = 3/16 HP gain every turn. It's annonying as heck.
Primarina. W/ Life Orb / Choice Specs and Hydro Pump Torrent/Hyper Voice/Echoed Voice Liquid Voice this thing is a beast.
Physical: Empoleon/Samurott
Special: Greninja
Mixed: Swampert/Greninja
Swampert, of course.