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I'm trying to cover all of it's weaknesses, so far I have crunch, screech, headbutt, and glare. I want to replace glare. And if you can tell me where I can get the HM/TM or where to buy it.

replace Screech, too. :/
What's something else I can overpower ground with?
you can evolve it into arbok and teach it Ice fang.
How can I teach it Ice Fang?

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The only Water moves he learns are Rain Dance and Aqua Tail.

Rain Dance: TM18 (Slowpoke Well, Pokéwalker (Dim Cave)

Aqua Tail: Frontier Tutor (40 BP)


So you suggest he use Rain Dance right?
I am a girl you know...
'he' is a generic term. Besides there is no gender on your profile :P
No Trachy. Everyone knows Ekans already have Drizzle.