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It can be a fairy move but water is recommended.

What are you talking about? I'm assuming you have a moveset with Surf and you want to replace the move. What Pokemon are you talking about? What is the rest of the moveset? What are you using the set for (e.g. in-game playthroughs, competitive games, etc.)? What led you to believe Surf should be replaced?
I’m going to assume the Pokémon is Tapu Fini.
I'm going to assume he wants to use the Pokemon in double battles. Remember, in a double battle, Surf also hits the ally Pokemon unless it uses a move like Protect.
PorygonZangoose Yes I was I need to stop attacking my partner because he is a fire type trainer.

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If the attack is higher, have the Pokemon know Waterfall. If the special attack is higher, then have the Pokemon know Scald.