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Do all Water-type Pokémon learn Surf? Or some water-type can't learn Surf? It would be nice if you mention generation-wise.

Magikarp XD

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/ds water type,!surf,natdex
Arrokuda, Castform-Rainy, Magikarp, Pyukumuku, Rotom-Wash, Surskit, Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, Volcanion, Wingull


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I am new to PS!, can you tell how to enter that command?
Go into any room in PS! with a chat, type “/ds ” (the Space is necessary) and then type any arguments (format, type, move, ability, dex color, egg group, etc, and use ! before the argument to mean “not” that thing), separated by commas, like “/ds water, Gen7 UU, atk >= 100”, which should bring up Golisopod and Wishiwashi. :P
What about Kecleon? You told it is water-type and it can't learn Surf? Lol XD
Maybe it can learn surf.
It doesn't learn surf according to this: https://dex.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemon/kecleon
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Hope it helps!

Thanks! It helped. I knew Magikarp don't knows Surf; It only learns Splash and Tackle.
Also flail and hydro pump in gen 8
Wow, it learns Hydro Pump!? Although pretty much useless due to its low Sp. Attack stat