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We all the know the "too many ch water" meme by now, so you probably know why I am asking this question. Kyogre is obviously the best, it is a Legendary, so.
The best options, as per Smogon's viability rankings are Gyarados, Azumarill, Sharpedo and Crawdaunt, but none of them can use Surf effectively in battle. So, which Water-type makes ORAS playthroughs the easiest?

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i dont know the meme, first time hearing it :/
Swampert. Not inherently weak to any Gym, and is very good against Roxanne, Wattson (Marshtomp/Swampert), Flannery, Norman (with Protect), and Team Magma. Its one downside is being a starter, making it unobtainable if you chose Treecko or Torchic.
Anything except Swampert obvi. Swampert is the best, but it is a starter so..

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Without a doubt, Swampert

Swampert is very bulky, high attack and great move pool to work with. Its typing makes it have only one weakness and it has no weaknesses to any of the gyms and unlike R/S/E, this thing has a special/psychical split to work with making not all water type moves special meaning it can make good use of STAB-Waterfall. Overall its a good Pokemon. (P.S I love mudkipz :D)

Non-Starter Option

Gyarados, its accessible early in the game at Dewford Island, its a bit tedious to level up but with the experience share it wont be as difficult. It have access to some good psychical coverage in Waterfall, Earthquake, Crunch and Ice Fang with access to Dragon Dance that raises both its Attack and Speed making it a good psychical sweeper.

Hopefully, this helps :D

You can also catch a higher level Magikarp with the good rod. This way you get it later, but it evolves faster.
true but why wait until then? In ORAS, you have access to better TMs in the early game and having Gyarados so early on in the game is more beneficial as you'll have something fully evolved with 130 base atk and high special defense.
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Peliper, Golduck, Tentacruel

All three of these Pokemon, along with Swampert, are the best. They all have decent Special Attack stats that make Surf potent enough for iname play, and they learn other HMs which is pretty useful too.

Pelipper learns Fly, and has Drizzle as its ability, so it's Surf is an effective Basepower 135 move, which works well with its 95 Special Attack. If you don't have another Flier, then this one is an easy pick. Also, Rain is great when paired with Mega Swampert's Swift Swim, but it's your choice whether you want 2 water types or not.

Tentacruel is faster, has great special defense, and learns Cut along with Waterfall and Dive, so it's an effective HM slave.

Golduck has well rounded stats, and can learn Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive, so it's also a fantastic HM slave.

Depending on the rest of your team and HM needs, you can easily select any of these Pokemon. Pelipper and Tentacruel are super easy to obtain, so keep that in mind as well.

Pelipper can't have drizzle in gen 6.