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Are there any Pokemon who resist or are immune to a Surf/Freeze Dry move combo?

Right now, other than Shedinja, the only Pokemon I could come up with is Dry Skin Jinx.

Is there any way to figure it out? I tried the Type Coverage section of this site, but it doesn't take individual move effects into account, nor Pokemon Abilities (except Shedinja.)

Pokémon with the abilities of Water Absorb/Storm Drain/Dry Skin and those that are Water-, Grass-, or Dragon-types are immune to/resist Water-type moves, like Surf.

Pokémon that are Fire-, Ice-, or Steel-types resist Ice-type moves, like Freeze Dry.

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Every type that resists water is weak to freeze-dry, so no combination of two types can resist both moves. Pokemon can only resist them with the aid of an ability.
I'm pretty sure these are all the Pokemon that can resist both moves using their ability.
Dewgong (thick fat)
Jynx (dry skin)
Shedinja (wonder guard)
Spheal (thick fat)
Sealeo (thick fat)
Walrein (thick fat)

Thanks for your insight.