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Answers should not include Ghosts or Dragons, and Dual Types only is what I meant.

Ex. Lanturn/Surf, Beedrill/X-Scissor, Abomasnow/Wood Hammer/Energy Ball

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Every Dragon and Ghost type.
Any others?
Hey, why a downvote? Nothing wrong here, is there? (That's better.)

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Electric/Fire: Electric Covers Water
Electric/Water: Water covers Ground
Water/Rock: Water covers Ground
Water/Ice: Ice covers Grass
Water/Poison: Water covers Ground
Water/Flying: Water covers Rock
Ice/Ground: Ice covers Grass
Ice/Grass: Ice covers Flying, and Grass covers Rock
Ice/Dragon: Ice covers Dragon(I mentioned this one because the Dragon is not the coverage)
Fighting/Bug: Bug covers Psychic
Fighting/Grass: Fighting covers Ice
Fighting/Rock: Fighting covers Steel
Bug/Poison: Bug covers Psychic
Bug/Grass: Grass covers Rock
Ground/Rock: Ground covers Steel, Rock covers Ice
Ground/Bug: Ground covers Fire
Ground/Grass: Ground covers Fire
Ground/Steel: Ground covers Fire
Ground/Electric: Electric covers Water
Flying/Rock: Rock covers Ice

I can not think of any more, if someone does please comment.

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Nice answer, but I can only give you a vote at most. I meant what Pokemon specifically.
That is too trivial and specific, you can look it up from where I left you. If you need that I am afraid I may have to hide the question on the grounds that it is too specific and trivial.
Speed, you only hide stuff if it breaks the rules. It's not like you've never asked anything that specific. If anything, specific questions are looked upon better in the rules, seeing as one of the main rules is "Vague questions like "Is this a good pokemon team?" - please make it more specific, for example "How can I improve my team?" and including more information. All team questions must have all the Pokemon and all their moves, plus abilities, items and EVs if known."
Speed, Fire/Fighting types aren't weak to Rock. That is why one of the main reasons why Infernape gets to be OU, because it doesn't lose 25% of its HP to SR.