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If my Shuckle has the highest possible attack, would Stone Edge, or Gyro Ball be the best? I know the best move would be Stone Edge, but would it be that worth, I mean Shuckle has the lowest base speed. I don't know if this is a stupid question, but I would still like to know it.

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Ok defiantly stone edge as it receives stab making it the same power as gyro ball at max.
Even gyro ball isn't that reliable on shuckle there are plenty of Pokemon giving it terrible base power.
Stone edge provides 4x more coverage and has a good crit chance.
Need I explain more?
Though the set you are trying to run needs trick room support

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Look at his attack stat. Plus Stone Edge's accuracy isn't very good.
the point was he power tricked, and 80 is good enough and its just as reliable if you take into account gyro balls not brilliant reliability
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Gyro Ball.
Because Shuckle is so slow, it would be doing a lot more damage than Stone Edge. Plus, take a look at Shuckle's attack stat. Gyro Ball is so fun to use with Shuckle, due to it being so slow. Maybe take away the Max Attack, and put it in HP.

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More damage? Shuckle gets stab because of rock type.
Shuckles speed being low makes Gyro Ball more powerful than STAB Stone Edge. Simple as that...
Fizzcube I cant see how? Stone Edge=100x(100/2)=150 power. Gyro Ball have max 150 power, so I cant see how.
You're forgetting about the attack stat.