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I am having quite a lot of trouble attempting to get Latios. I have not seen him in my pokedex yet, and I am not sure how. Any tips on finding and catching Latios in 3rd gen?

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Okay, I got some tips for you.

  • Items needed:
    The easiest way is to use your Master Ball. Enough said.
  • Items needed: Friend who has Emerald or Sapphire with Latios.
    An easy way to see where Latios is located at is to trade a Latios from your friends that have it in their Emerald or Sapphire. Trade it back afterward. Now Latios is in your Pokedex, and is easily trackable using the location function of the Pokedex.
  • Items needed:
    Another way to catch Latios is to raise a Wobbuffet to Level 39. Obtain a White Flute from the man in in Route 115 by 1,000 steps in the soot, and giving it to him. He will construct a White Flute for you, and it will help by raising encounter rate. Buy as many repels and Ultra Balls as you can. Then, fly to the Safari Zone. Make SURE that Wobbuffet is the first in your party and is holding the White Flute. Save, in case you knock it out. Use repel and walk around in the grass outside the Safari Zone. If it's not there, go into the Safari Zone and come out again. This will cause it to relocate. Repeat until you encounter it. Afterward, Wobbuffet should keep it stuck, and it will attack. It has mainly special moves, so use Mirror Coat. Be careful, as it might recover using Recover. When it has low HP, chuck Ultra Balls at it. It'll take awhile, but it will eventually catch it. Timer Balls are also useful, so you can get some of those as well.
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