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My Haunter and Crobat both know Mean Look, but is there a Pokemon that can learn False Swipe as well? Also, is there a TM for Mean Look?


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There is no mean look tm and absol and gallade can learn both.

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Smeargle, too.

If it's a good catcher you want:
Pokemon: Smeargle
Ability: Technician
Nature (if you want to go this far): Adament (for attack), or Jolly (for speed): both lower Sp. Att. which you don't need

Mean Look
False Swipe

But you'll need to raise it high for roaming legendaries (50+) to block fleeing

P.S. Ultra ball for 1200 with only 2 catch rate, but after 8pm by your game's time or in caves at anytime, dusk ball for just 1000 with 3.5 catch rate

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