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I'm about to go held item hunting and want to know because if there is it will make my life a WHOLE lot easier.

Also preferably the Pokemon will be a physical attacker.

What game are you asking for?

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No, there are no Pokemon in any game as of SwSh that get both False Swipe and Frisk.

If you want optimized held item hunting, leading your party with a Pokemon with Compound Eyes increases the chance of wild Pokemon having held items, and then using a move like Thief allows you to obtain the item if it has one without the need to catch it.

Source: Showdown's teambuilder, and Bulbapedia

Thanks, Didn't know compound eyes boosted item rate gonna help a lot
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No, there aren't any Pokemon that have Frisk and False Swipe. Sorry.
Source: Looking at Showdown's teambuilder for all gens and the highest format.