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I am trying to Shiny hunt some Pokémon in Ultra Moon but many of them have the move Sand Attack that lowers my accuracy. I found out that Keen Eye prevents that but none of my Pokémon that have the ability and can learn False Swipe. Very annoying when trying to SOS hunt. So is there any Pokémon which learns False Swipe and has Keen Eye as its ability?

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There are six Pokémon in total which get Keen Eye an as ability and learn False Swipe in USUM. I've specified the method with which they learn the said move in the list, too. Here goes:

  • Drapion: TM-54
  • Skorupi: TM-54
  • Farfetch'd: Level 45
  • Fearow: TM-54
  • Spearow: TM-54
  • Sneasel: TM-54

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You can also give False Swipe to a Pokemon who has the ability No Guard. Doublade, Honedge, and Karrablast (Karrablast has No Guard as its HA) can have both the ability No Guard and the move False Swipe.
Nincada can also learn False Swipe and have the ability Compound Eyes, though Compound Eyes is a worse ability for the utility you want Keen Eye to provide.