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Sinistea is a Pokemon that dies with every hit and I can't seem to bring it's Hp low without killing it with one hit. basically I wanted to hit it with false swipe but its a ghost type. Is there even an ability that will allow normal type attack to hit another Pokemon?


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All moves with Foresight effects were explicitly removed from the new games, so nothing can use this approach. Even if you transferred up a Weavile with those moves from a previous game (once Pokemon Home opens and that becomes possible), Foresight's description will say that the move can't be used, and it will be faded out and unselectable.

What you can do is use False Swipe with the Scrappy ability. Pancham/Pangoro are capable of doing that, and if you're playing on Sword, Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd can as well.

Actually Galarian Farfetch'd/Sirfetch'd can't learn False Swipe, even though though their Kanto counterparts can. So Scrappy Pangoro is the only ghost-hitting option in Sw/Sh. For non-ghost types, Gallade is better as it has Hypnosis for status. Both can also learn Sunny Day (to remove weather) and Taunt (to block mons who know recovery moves)
Edit: So in Sw/Sh, hidden abilities can only be acquired in max raids, but I'm not sure if this applies to Pancham/Pangoro, as only their standard abilities are listed as available on the Serebii max raid page.